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G.O.T.R.A. was formed in 1996 with these objectives: to have fun, to make an affordable hobby, to make racing as safe as possible, and sportsmanship, with a special emphasis placed on sportsmanship.  Our goal is to provide the safest recreation opportunity for our members with respect to the preservation and racing competition of vintage race automobiles.  As of January 8, 2016 John & Brenda Orlowski have taken over as the new owners and promoters of G.O.T.R.A.

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Upcoming Events

Nothing to announce at this point.  Here you will find upcoming races, shows and other events. 


The main goal of G.O.T.R.A. is to have fun. 


The Good Ol' Time Racing Association is not for the person that has to have all out competition, this group is about having fun.  If you feel the need to always win there are other classes of racing out there.  

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